What images should be for NFT collections in order to want to buy them?

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Almost every day there is a launch of another collection that no one needs except the creators of the NFT. These NFT collections are not bought up on mints even for 5% of the issue volume. The creators spend a huge amount of resources on drawing the characters and attributes of the collection, but this does not bring results. The NFT market is flooded with NFT collections that don’t stand out among many others. And even more so, they do not cause aesthetic ecstasy in the buyer and the desire to purchase them. Is this really the impact of the crypto winter on the NFT market? Or is it worth conducting a serious assessment of competitors and understanding that your project is just another routine? And if you do not have a large marketing budget, you will not be able to sell the entire collection in its entirety. Let’s discuss what new NFT projects lack so that they can stand out visually from the background of others. In this article, we will only talk about the visual features of the images used to generate NFT tokens.

Increase the number of types, attributes and traits

CryptoPunks tips

In NFT collections until 2022, it was considered normal that the number of attributes for one trait could be in the of 5–8 pieces. Even the CryptoPunks collection only has 5 character types. Therefore, many artists did not bother to work out the details of many elements and made from 5–8 traits and 5–8 attributes for each trait. At such a pace, it was possible to launch a lot of garbage NFT collections and flood the NFT market with empty projects without an idea. In this case, it turned out that 90% of the collection did not stand out with anything expressive, and had an average rarity and a great similarity of tokens to each other. And if we take into account that there was no applicability for junk tokens, then the value of such collections quickly decreased and the NFT holder was left with many NFTs that could not be sold even at mint prices.
If you are going to create a collection, consider creating a lot of attributes and traits. Invest in an artist and have them draw 20–30 attributes for each trait. This will allow your collection to maintain the uniqueness and dissimilarity of tokens from each other. Creating many variations of paraphernalia will show your community a serious approach and a desire to deeply study the project.

Use high NFT image detail

NFT image detail

An NFT collector should be interested in choosing and considering a collection, traits and attributes. He must like to find interesting combinations of paraphernalia that can reflect individuality in the token and emphasize the strengths of the individual. NFT token is a reflection of digital identity, so pay special attention to high detail and drawing every small detail of the image.

When creating an NFT collection, use Easter Riddles

One example of the so-called collection mysteries is the scandal surrounding the use of Nazi symbols by the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. Yuga Labs had to go to court to protect its interests. However, who said that it was not a marketing ploy? Just think how much informational occasion for various kinds of publications and press coverage created this incident, which could have been pre-planned.
Leave Easter Riddles when creating a NFT collection by placing them in an image. Provoke your audience to guess, but avoid exaggeration. Experiment by adding references to famous historical events and personalities.

Secret of NFT collection

The creators of BAYC included a “Treasure hunt” stage in the Roadmap and announced on Twitter about the activation of the mode and the beginning of the stage. The Treasure Hunt stage provided for the passage of many riddles and riddles that BIKE holders have been solving in the discord for a long time, creating a lot of activity for the project. Thereby increasing the presentability of membership in the club of bored monkeys.
Anticipate in advance possible riddles that may be related to the attributes and characters of your NFT collection. Let the clues lie in the image in the most insignificant details. This will help get your community to thoroughly study and review your collection. And as you know, the more a person looks at a certain thing, the more a person likes this thing. Use this feature of human psychology.

Use 3D to create NFT collection

e live in an age of large digital technologies in which new metaverses are generated along the way by a neural network. You won’t surprise anyone with a 2D token, and without due respect in society, they are no longer aesthetically attractive and do not cause a desire to own them. Consider using 3D technology.
The use of 3D technologies when creating a NFT collection will help you ensure that your collection can be easily integrated into the metaverses with the subsequent development of technologies. One of the most successful companies in the NFT market that provide 3D development is Daz3d. Using the software provided by Daz3d, you can easily create 3D characters, perform detailed drawing of the environment, scenes and animation.

Use animation and dynamics for NFT

If you can spice up your NFT collection and give it more momentum using animation, do so immediately. It is known that dynamic moving objects are more attractive to the eye than static ones. The presence of animation makes a person view it, thereby using more time to interact with the token. If you can implement an individual animation that depends on a certain attribute, then this is already a new mechanic in the creation of a collection that obviously will not go unnoticed.

The main idea of ​​the NFT collection should be reflected in every detail

When drawing individual attributes and characters, do not forget about the general idea that permeates the NFT collection. Each of your details should project the basic idea of ​​the project and express the idea. Do not make soulless images, put the whole essence into the details, project and convey your vision through the image. Think holistically about the concept and philosophy of the NFT project and reflect it in the image.


The NFT market showed steady development. Despite the impact of the crypto winter, the number of NFT holders is increasing and the NFT industry is attracting more and more followers. If you want to create a successful NFT project, take a holistic approach to image development and rendering. Create detailed technical specifications for designers and artists, describe the task in detail for them and check their understanding of the concept. By following the tips for developing images in this article, you will be able to create a high-level NFT project (collection) and make a SOLDOUT!




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